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CAS Listed is the go-to place when looking for commercial drone services. From aerial photography and video to full survey services, every single United Kingdom pilot can be found and verified.

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Drone pilots with PfCO.

CAA DATA CURRENT AS OF 21/02/2020. All current drone pilots from UK CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (PFCO) CAP 1361 records are included.

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Our simple search allows you to quickly find the right UAV aerial image and video service providers from around the UK.

Every pilot with PfCO listed.

CAS Listed inclusion is free to all drone pilots who hold current PfCO from the CAA (a legal requirement).

Comprehensive drone services.

Every drone service you need is on CAS Listed, from aerial photography and video to specialised aerial surveying.

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Then you have current PfCO and are CAS Listed. NOW be found under the aerial services and locations you serve at the precise time people are looking for them. It’s a simple 2 step process.

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