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CAA DATA CURRENT AS OF 27/11/2020. All current drone pilots from UK CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (PFCO) CAP 1361 records are included.

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8 aerial service categories to help you find the best local commercial drone pilot

CAS Listed offers a comprehensive and all-inclusive archive of UK drone pilots. Looking for an aerial photographer, aerial video production operator, aerial surveyor or monitoring service? You will find them quickly on our search engine.

3d Mapping

A projection method used to map objects as a surface instead of screens. 3d mapping uses an animation that is projected on objects, turning them into a 3D model for interactive display. Alternative names include “Video Mapping”, “Projection Mapping”, and “Spatial Augmented Reality”.


Drone inspection services are for visual inspection through the capture of both pictures and video. They provide benefits such as the inspection of areas difficult to access, preventive maintenance, reduce health, safety and environmental risk to humans and reduce costs and downtime across many sectors.


Aerial monitoring is commonly used in agriculture and other industries, such as construction.  Typically an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is used to help optimize operations, increase productivity, and monitor development.

Photography and Video

Also referred to as airborne imagery, Aerial photography and video is the taking of imagery from a manned aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicle. High-resolution cameras are mounted to the platform and triggered remotely or automatically through software.


Surveys from the air are a method of collecting geomatics and other imagery to deliver a combination of visual and data to form detailed reports. The data collected includes aerial photography, Lidar, remote sensing along with geophysical data.

Thermal Imaging

Highly sensitive thermal imaging cameras are used to translate thermal energy (heat) into visible light to analyse a particular subject. This could be an object or environment. Known as a thermogram these can be analysed through a process called thermography to deliver in-depth thermal data.

TV and Film

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles within the TV and Film industries has gained popularity in recent years due to the available technology and growing availability of drones and capture platforms. Their use will continue to replace and complement other platforms such as manned aircraft.


Wedding photography and videography can trace its roots back to before the invention of modern devices. Today an aerial record forms part of many a photo album and wedding video and is offered as part of a service package.

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