Find a local aerial photographer

Find a local aerial photographer

It may take some time to find the right supplier of any product or service. Sometimes it can be quick on other occasions it takes a little longer.

When you are looking for a professional drone operator offering aerial photography it can be a little daunting. This may be your first need. It’s quite natural to want to look at previous photographs, know more about the drone pilots experience and see some examples of previous work they have delivered.

How much does aerial photography cost?

You could pay as little as £150, there are even people who will offer the cheapest aerial photography and guarantee not to be beaten on price. I guess what we are saying here is that if you are buying on price alone then it will be difficult for you to understand how to value each operator is offering.

Factors have a bearing on the cost. For example: –

  1. Quality – High-quality imagery requires high-quality equipment. Equipment that can run into thousands of pounds.
  2. Proximity – Using a local aerial photographer eliminates long travel and possibly accommodation expenses.
  3. Experience – The more experienced the supplier the higher the cost. Although there may be some exceptions, the majority of experienced photographers will charge similar rates. Some may charge higher through only working in niche areas.