Local drone service

Local drone service

Throughout the United Kingdom there are an increasing number of drone operators. Each offering a range of aerial services, from photography, video, surveying and specialized imaging solutions.

As drone technology advances there are greater opportunities for work with industry recognizing and developing aerial solutions to both new and traditional needs.

Local authority and corporate end-users have brought drone technology in to their operation. The smaller users continue to call upon independent operators for their aerial imagery requirements.

Local drone service

The drone service search engine

From experiencing the challenges faced in finding aerial drone services we decided that there was a better way. A search engine that holds all drone pilot details and allows anyone to connect.

1 simple search

Select a county, choose an aerial service and search. Nothing complicated there. The result is a comprehensive list of all UK drone pilots.

Direct access to work

Searching for drone services on the internet can be a bit hit-and-miss. Yes you will find a number useful drone directories holding a limited number of listings. We believe that every UK based drone pilot’s details need to be available from one website. The website is caslisted.com.

Which county do you need drone services in?

All drone projects start from a physical location. It makes sense to start with the county. From there, offering a choice of aerial services you can begin your search. This simplicity brings speed and accuracy to every search.

Who is looking for drone services?

That is the big question. A question that all commercial drone operators ask themselves. Successful operators have a regular source of work from 1 or many more clients. The majority pick up work on an ad-hoc basis switching from one aerial service to another.

What qualifications does a drone pilot need?

There are no specific qualifications for drone pilots. There are training requirements that allow an operator to fly their UAV within the regulations and with safety in mind. Safety is paramount.

Before 31st December 2020 a drone pilot needed to hold Permissions for Commercial Operations. The regulations have changed and are evolving. We have gathered all drone training schools in one place for the experts to answer any questions.

How many commercial drone pilots are there in the United Kingdom?

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulates drone pilots and publishes a list of operators who hold current Permissions for Commercial Operations. The regulations are changing and it’s anticipated that the CAA will introduce and publish further data. Our drone pilot search engine holds the latest published data from the CAA and is updated to align with this data.

Visit caslisted.com for the latest data on the number of UK commercial UAV pilots.