5 different ways to find a local aerial photographer

5 different ways to find a local aerial photographer

We are not going to be breaking new ground here. Neither are we going to be revealing any hidden secret on how you can locate and contact local drone pilots. What we are doing is highlighting why CAS Listed is the best place to find aerial photographers within the United Kingdom.

1. Internet search engine

The first and obvious place to search for a local aerial photographer is on the internet through a search engine such as Google®. You will get some results with suppliers who advertise being at the top. However, these may not be local to you and may not be relevant to your needs either.

2. Dedicated directory

Like CAS Listed, a dedicated directory is a good place to look. Unlike CAS Listed though, these only list some of the drone pilots and many do not validate the current status of each pilot’s permission to carry out commercial operations.

3. Trade associations

Some trade associations have realised that giving easy access to qualified and validated sources of information on drone pilots is of great benefit to their members.

4. Word of mouth

A recommendation is always a great way of finding a supplier. You know that someone else has experienced the level of service, quality, and cost of the aerial photography delivered.

5. Chance

Although quite slim, sometimes by chance you will accidentally find that there is a local supplier that you had never known about. You might have seen their signed vehicle, a local advertisement or maybe you see them working on a project near you.

local aerial photographer

Your search criteria

Whether your need is for an aerial image of a roof, property or wedding, local aerial photographers are available. It’s just a matter of knowing how to find them.

This is where CAS Listed comes in. Using the Search you select the aerial service you are looking for and your county – it really s that simple.

Every single UK drone pilot is included within your search results. Each having the required qualifications and permissions to undertake commercial aerial drone photography and other services too.

Using a commercial drone pilot

Drone regulations within the UK and across the world mean that operators cannot just go out buy a drone and start offering aerial photography and video services for payment. This is commercial use and requires the operator to have gained the appropriate permissions for commercial use.

It makes sense too. Nobody wants to be responsible for damage or accidents and it is not just the drone operator who is liable. It is not unheard of that claims can be made against parties commissioning or allowing the use of services on the premises to make them liable too.

As always the best advice is from the authority in charge of policing the drone industry. Within the UK this is the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).