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FOUND it, no problem

We give companies, associations, chartered institutes and business groups commercially aligned services

What do commercially aligned services look like?

It is not a look – it is a result. Every day someone, somewhere is looking for something. A new supplier, a new technology provider or maybe a new customer. Commercially aligned services does one thing – It makes FOUND easy.

FOUND it and it was so easy

CAS listed deliver search engines developed to meet the user groups exacting requirements. Unlike Google it is not a hit and miss affair where an algorithm makes an educated artificial guess. Building pre-qualified search engines makes FOUND easy.

Powerful tools that your members use

Think of the large amount of products and services that your membership call upon on a daily basis. Imagine giving your members a free tool that helps them in their daily tasks. Imagine being able to deliver this at no cost while bringing in a new revenue stream to your organisation.

The drone pilot search engine

Looking for a local drone pilot? You’ll find them in our drone pilot search engine. It is the UK’s most comprehensive register of commercial drone pilots used by industry associations, institutes and business groups.


The service finder platform

Looking for a specific sector service? Talk to us about the finder platform. We partner with industry associations, chartered institutions and business groups in delivering membership service finders that sit within your member portal.

Add value added

We want you to benefit and value our finder platform. To start CAS absorb all of the research and development costs, so your organisation doesn’t have to. This only answers the first question of cost leaving many more to be answered. Simply ask. A common question is how do CAS generate an income? Our reply starts with making the systems accessible to as many suppliers as possible. This translates into offering a low-entry subscription to suppliers wishing to be listed upon your platform. The generated income is delivers our profit and also a new revenue stream for your organisation.

How do this work?

The very first step is to open a conversation. A telephone call is the quickest option and we will possibly arrange to meet up (virtually or face-to-face). The goal is to explore the opportunities offered through developing your membership service finder platform. You can be involved as little or as much as you wish, in the knowledge that we are working towards benefitting you and your membership. As the platform carries your organisations name and standing you are in total control of how the systems works and the rules of usage. The partnership only works if it works for you and your members.


  • A way that is concerned with buying, selling, and making a profit. A viable business has to offer something that somebody wants. In return the person will pay the business money to receive it.

  • Give support to (a person, organization, or cause). When two or more things are aligned they realise a value in something. This could be a service, product or maybe even a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • The action of helping or doing work for someone. A person calls upon services in all areas of their life. When the desired outcome is received a value is given and in turn rated.

Commercially Aligned Services

Bringing end-users closer to suppliers and vice versa

Commercially Aligned Services in the pursuit of successful business outcomes. It makes sense to work together. Time is cut. Costs are reduced. Greater success is realised. There are many more reasons to reach out to like minded businesses. Start your journey with CAS.