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Drone Pilot Verification Tool

The Drone Pilot Verification Tool lets people quickly validate a drone pilot’s certifications and authorisations by CAA identification number or trading name

CAA ID / Operator Registration Number / Flyer ID

Choose a validation type and enter the value.

Validation CAA ID
Search by

Examples formats

OPERATOR ID formats:

FLYER ID formats:

Company Name

Enter all or part of the pilots trading name.

Validation Company
Drone Pilot Verification Tool

Improving the Drone Pilot Verification Tool

Feel free to recommend new ideas or suggest improvements that you feel would benefit people using this drone pilot verification tool. Through open conversations we will be able to deliver ongoing improvements as a community. Simply contact us.

How accurate is the Drone Pilot Verification Tool?

As always, a data tool is only as good as the data within it. This is why we go to great lengths to keep our data clean and relevant. Saying this, we are totally reliant on the drone pilots themselves to assist in this important process. There is always doubt when something states it can do something useful. Sometimes there is suspicion that there is an underlying reason to gather, process and store this information. Then there is the General Data Protection Regulations. A lot to take in and deal with. When people ask us the how accurate is the Drone Pilot Verification Tool? we reply as accurate as the drone pilot’s want it to be. 

Google is good enough

A main search engine like Google will always be the first port of call for anyone searching. The idea that everything can be found on google is possibly true, but much like a fairytale you have to kiss a lot of frogs before finding the one. CAS listed aims to deliver industry and sector specific search platforms to allow the people looking for a service in a specific location to find operators offering it. Quite a simple idea really.