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Enhance My Listing

CAS listed’s free entry is a great way to increase online visibility, but Enhance My Listing goes further. Drone pilots get both a top of page position spot and a profile page. Listing rotation gives all businesses equal top of the list exposure.

enhance my listing

How much is the enhance my listing subscription?

Starting from just £3.00 a year for 1 aerial service in 1 county, we offer the most competitive drone pilot subscription going. It’s not just about price though, it’s about people finding and contacting you. We deliver this with our unique listing rotation, ensuring each business equally shares the top of page positions.

Add counties and services to suit

You may want to be found in one or more counties for one or more services. Not a problem. It is entirely up to you. Optionally we work with you in building the perfect campaign. It’s all about giving you the best chance of being FOUND and contacted.

Subscription calculator

To find the perfect subscription, tick the Aerial Services CHECKBOXES and move the Number of Counties SLIDER.

:: Enhance My Listing
Aerial Services

First tick each service you wish to be found under

NOW slide the number of counties you wish to be found under


per year

Enhance my business now

Simply call us on 07586 674558 or with a convenient time to call you. After a brief chat we build your enhanced listing for your review, amendment and approval.

We believe a personalised service is best.

23 Enhanced listings to GIVEAWAY

Every drone pilot can be CAS listed for FREE. Additionally to mark 2023, we are giving 23 lucky pilots the chance to claim a free enhanced listing. Be one of the lucky few by calling 07586 674558 or emailing 

Terms and conditions apply: 2 County, 2 Aerial Service listing. 12 month trial period with no obligation to continue. Full terms and conditions available upon request.

Why enhance my listing?

The number 1 position on a search results page is important. It’s where everyone wants to be and why we ensure all subscribing pilots get there equally. Randomising each search result means that every pilot is guaranteed to be shown in the number 1 position. No need to rely upon being alphabetically listed or paying a premium for the top spot. The enhance my listing has you covered.

Top enhanced listing

The enhanced listing allows an excerpt to introduce your business and link your profile page.

Enhanced listing drone pilot page

Search results page

Visit the live page and click one of the enhanced listings to view the profile page.


Profile page

The profile page allows you to introduce your business, link to and visually display your website.


Choose a subscription that suits your budget

Marketing budgets must deliver a return on investment or they are a waste of your precious resource. CAS listed puts you in total control of your subscription cost. Choosing to advertise in 1 county under 1 service delivers the lowest cost of any register, directory or membership site. Add multiple counties and services to increase your exposure while managing your marketing spend.

Want more?

For those wishing to specialise nationwide we offer bespoke advertising opportunities. Together we are able to build successful marketing campaigns to assist you in meeting your commercial goals.

Find out more by calling our team now on 07586 674558